We Want To Give You a Kick Start To Help You Get Fitter, Healthier, Back Into Shape AND (Most of All) Enjoy It

We Are The Gym For People That Don’t Like Gyms


EVERY Single session you take part in at DM Elite is overseen by at least 1 DM Elite Trainer. We will take you from where you're at now, guide and support you gradually on your way to achieving what you want to achieve without doing anything you can't do or feel uncomfortable doing.

We make our training fun, effective, different from what you may think, exciting and make sure you leave feeling better than when you came in. Nobody wants to spend 2 hours in the Gym every day when they can spend half of that and get double the Results.


Be part of a Gym that has a real Community focus, is driven by a team of like-minded members there to help one another and most of all, make friends in the process.

Sending that first message, stepping through the door for that first time and knowing what to do (and how to do it) can be really daunting. We want to make sure you feel comfortable with us so that we can make ‘going to the gym’ part of your life, enjoyable and achieve life changing results in the process. As well as sessions in the Gym we have a lots going on out with the Sessions so that you know we are more than just a Gym.


We all know your name, we all know your strengths/weaknesses, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve your experience, we will adapt anything that doesn't feel right, we are always there for a chat if you need some support or little boost.

We will literally do ANYTHING to make sure you're making progress, enjoying the process with us and, of course , seeing and feeling progress.

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Our 28 Day Challange gives you the chance to test drive our Gym (without long term contracts) and experience what we are all about. We’ll help give you that kick start you need to get going again & more than anything, show you how we can deliver the results you want over time.

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"Since joining DM Elite Training a couple of months ago my mental health has been a lot better. I've been to gyms before was never happy until I joined DM. The classes are really good trainers are so good make sure your doing things right really happy I've chosen to do this. Absolutely brilliant"


"This is a Gym like no others. All the trainers are very friendly and approachable. The sessions are very well thought out, and an alternative is always available should anything prove too difficult with previous injuries or health issues taken into account. I can't recommend highly enough!"


"I'd seen Dan's social media posts and his approach to health and fitness convinced me to try the 28 day challenge. Not being a gym goer, I found the sessions incredibly tough but soon noticed I had more energy and felt better in myself, so went on to become a full member. I have a long road ahead to reach my weight and fitness goals but I think I've found the right gym and the right people to help me get there. Regardless of your age, weight, injuries or fitness level, Dan and his friendly knowledgeable instructors focus on encouraging individual progress. Sessions are different every time and adjusted for any issues you have. "


"I highly recommend Dan Moore Elite Training. Great guy, great team, top -notch gym and workout environment.

I really enjoy functional focused training and throwing weights around, and done a lot of crossfit in the past. DM elite gave has given me the type of training I want but in plush gym environment. The small groups training has allowed constant feedback to help me avoid the historical injuries that are often the result of my poor form. So I get a personal training 'feel' and the all important push factor I need.
I recommend taking the plunge you won't regret it."


" I joined DM Elite a few months ago after trying it out for 28 days. I wanted to see if I enjoyed the group sessions as it really was different than attending a gym and also to make sure I could fit the sessions into my working day. It is difficult for me to attend the gym at weekends with having family so lunchtimes during the week work well. So far I have really enjoyed my time at DM Elite, the sessions work well for me as the training sessions have already been planned so you don't waste time in thinking what you have to or should do, you just get straight into it! The staff are great and keep you motivated through the training.

I try and attend 2-3 sessions a week at lunchtime and it works well. It is great to get out of the office for an hour or so and get back to work feeling energised and ready for the rest of the day. I have to admit that sometimes it is a thought to leave the office to attend but once you are there and get going you feel great! "