In This Video I Explain What Our 28 Day Challenge & How To Get Started With Us

What You ‘Get’ When You Join Our 28 Day Challenge:

  • 10 x Group Personal Training Sessions
  • Access To Our Members’ Only Recipe Guides
  • 3 x Body Scans on our state of the art InBody Scanner – giving you a detailed breakdown of your Results and Means of Tracking Progress, rather than always focusing on scale weight.
  • Flexibility – We realise than life is busy – kids, work and life in general will always get in the way. So, We have over 60 times to choose from – although we do have some times at capacity we will do our best and make sure you always get a session in.
  • Access to our Mobility & Stretch Sessions to ensure you can work on your Flexibility.
  • 1:1 Access to one of our Personal Trainers if you ever need a chat regarding progress, nutrition, results, lifestyle etc. If you need a little extra support to guide you along, we will make sure you get it.
  • Sessions adapted around your individual needs and goals. If we feel we need to progress or regress you through a session we will do, we will in relation to your personal strengths and weaknesses. If you have any longer-term injuries you’re concerned about and need to work around – our trainers are adept at working around that to make sure you get out of the session what you need.

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See What Our Clients Say About Us

"Been going now over a year. Can't recommend it enough. I've list weight, toned up and my energy levels are much better.

Exercises are varied on a daily basis to keep everything fresh and all the latest equipment.

Always a good buzz around the place."


Personal Training

We do offer 1:1 Personal Training at DM Elite. If you would like a fully Personal approach, we can offer that subject to availability time wise. Personal Training at DM Elite is 100% personal and private – you don’t workout in front of everyone with the feeling that eyes are on you all time or you wait for equipment. You train with one of our trainers in a private space, so you feel as comfortable as possible.

See What Our Members Say About Us

"I have been training at DM Elite for Personal Training over the past year and during that period I have found huge benefits to both my physical and mental wellbeing. The team at DM Elite are forward thinking, highly competent professionals who are all very personal and approachable. They have provided me with excellent and varied training programs to work towards goal (despite being a reluctant gym goer). I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at DM Elite Training."

Gordon Leitch

"I was encouraged by a friend to join DM Elite - we’d both been at other gyms in town, he was singing its praises, my immediate thought was , another gym, another membership, another waste of money.
I love exercise. That’s why I’m better working one to one. DM Elite is totally different, When I go to the gym, I don’t know who’s on and I don’t know what I’m going to be doing, I work with 5 different trainers, all with different qualities, all with the same goal, to see me get fitter, healthier and better. They’re brilliant.
I’ve never done the same work out twice, and I always leave with a sense of achievement, always thinking I’m glad I went. I’ve achieved a personal best in the back squat and the deadlift and if asked 6 months ago could I lift that, I would have said, Never!.
Dans created a new gym culture, It’s different and I’m glad I’m part of it.”

Sandy Macleod

To help us understand what you’d like to achieve & to arrange a consultation about Personal Training