We Want To Give You a Kick Start To Help You Get Fitter, Healthier, Back Into Shape AND (Most of All) Enjoy It

Who are DM Elite 


“Being a business man who struggles to make time during the working day for the really important things like eating healthier and exercising I was a little sceptical when I was introduced to the DM mindset , I shouldn’t have been , during my time with DM Elite on their Wellness Program I’ve not only felt fitter and healthier but also more productive and as anyone in business knows productivity is key . DM Elite stands for professionalism, offering great facilities, first class staff and best of all a chance to find a better version of yourself”

Garry Mackintosh, HIS

“The power of a healthy mental attitude has been brought to life by us working alongside DM Elite. Maintaining positive Mental health is so important to us as a business and I am delighted to work with Dan Moore who shows us how integrating fitness into our daily/weekly routine can have such a positive impact in our business.”

Sandy Macleod, Macleod Roofing

“Having used Dan Moore Elite training to assist in my personal goals and finding such a positive benefit both physically and mentally I made the decision to introduce their wellbeing program to our staff. The DME program help us deliver our commitment to looking after our team and not just within working hours, all staff members that have engaged with the DME program have all found it had a really positive impact on both mind and body! I would thoroughly recommend it”

Gordon Leitch, GM Leitch


  • Improved productivity and performance which could lead to a profit increase.
  • Increased energy throughout the business
  • Reduced risk of work-based injuries
  • Fewer days lost due to sickness or absenteeism.
  • Boost staff retention and ability to acquire quality you want and need.
  • Be known as a forward thinking, innovative company that invests in staff wellbeing.
  • A business expense that is not only tax deductible but also an investment in staff.


  • Become Fitter & Stronger
  • Increased Energy & Confidence
  • A greater ability to deal with stress and pressure
  • Move better and increase flexibility
  • Transform body shape over time if applied correctly
  • Improved knowledge on Nutrition as a whole
  • Sleep Better
  • Connect and engage with colleagues which will boost overall team morale
  • Mindset coaching on how to maximise your own personal potential
  • Financial education & guidance from an accredited source so you not only become healthier, but also wealthier over time and know how to make your money work best for you.

“Now more than ever it is crucial we are assured that in any business relationship there is trust. Not only do we trust DM Elite 100% but feel safe in the knowledge that their integrity and the sense of value they have for all their members runs to their very core”


“When in business, the demands on your time and energy can be great. I have found that working Dan and his team at DM Elite Training has helped me with my energy levels and endurance. Their regular training classes and plans allow me to fit them around my busy week. Right from the start I managed to achieve fitness goals that gave me energy when at the workplace. Being largely desk-based, the classes helped me reactivate underused muscle groups and has provided added benefits such as improvement to my posture and my eating habits. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dan and his programmes. His team each have their own individual skills and add their own flavour to the classes, which I particularly enjoy”


“The DM Elite Corporate Wellness programme plays an integral part in my business. With a clear and flexible structure, it easily fits into daily life and I would encourage everyone to give it a go. The programme is packed with content and there’s something their for everyone to help feel good about themselves. I think this is a great addition for any employer and a fantastic way to support their teams”.


What Happens Next:

  • Complete form below & we will be in touch to set up an in-person or online meeting – whatever suits you best.
  • On the form, please tell us about you and your business – how does your business function and what do you want your business to get out of DM Elite?
  • If happy to proceed, we will arrange an onboarding session for your business so your staff can get started on our Membership Portal.
  • Look forward to your staff thanking you for helping them improve all aspects of their life, lifestyle and enjoy the fruits of a happy, productive workforce.