The keys for us before all of this were the 3 C's - Coaching, Customer Experience & Community.

Now it must be the 4 C's - including CLEANLINESS

By no means did I think this was an issue for us before but we must be 100% conscious of this moving forward

Safety and your trust in us are huge now.

"Plans don't always work but planning does"

Active UK (the industry governing body) and the International Fitness Business Alliance are proposing we re-open with social distancing measures in place which is rumoured to be 100 square ft per person.

This fits our model that was already working so well before and with just under 3000 sq ft of training space, our product will remain similar to what it was before – same levels of coaching, personal interaction (adhering to social distancing) & getting results in a fun environment.

This will NOT mean we will have 30 people in the building at one time.

More likely, will be 20 members maximum in at one time.

Members would have a set training 'pod' sectioned off with equipement and that is you for the and there will be NO equipment sharing during sessions.

Sessions will be programmed accordingly and we are also looking at the timetable so sessions at peak times will be spread a little more which will also help our private car park flow a lot more efficient.

This will also require official booking system for ALL SESSIONS moving forward through our Team Up Booking System.

You will still have your set session time(s) but we will need to know sessions aren't over the capacity we can handle.

We have ordered more kit to supplement this and make sure we have enough kit for everyone.

We will clear instructions on the 'customer journey' and how this will flow systematically nearer the time.

Clutter will be removed as will touch points we can help.

We have a hands free door opener to ensure you aren't opening/closing with hands as well as anti-bacterial sanitisers fully stocked and available as you walk into the facility.

What we are also looking into is the possibility of hiring a person who's sole responsibility is to oversee cleanliness of gym floor and overall hygiene of Gym, like a 'Gym Porter'.

DM Elite will come back stronger here:

Staff are putting a lot of time into training and will be more rounded trainers.

We have got to know members as individuals through our 1:1 Sessions, Socials, Breakfast Clubs etc

…so the community that was already a unique feature and so strong, has got stronger through this.

Technology has been embraced - we have proof of concept that the online set up does work for those that have been following.

Therefore, the digital/TV aspect will continue when we re-open - Sessions, 1:1 Consultations, Mindset Chats, Guest Webinars, Stretch/Mobility work so you can catch up if you can't get in.

To summarise,

We are taking this super serious, we want to make sure your experience when you return is top notch & really trust us to help you on the next step of your journey.

Thanks for reading
Team DM Elite 

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