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A Letter to Steve Bartlett

Not sure if you came across this post last week Ben Coomber, whom we had on to talk to us during lockdown on our Podcast and members page a couple of years back…produced a great arguement against The Diary of a CEO podcast and Steven Bartlett. Here is the link Click to Watch And it’s something […]

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What’s getting in the way?

“I just don’t have enough time to workout” Here’s the truth Exercise is THE most powerful tool to buy yourself more time (on Earth) Whenever someone starts working with us, we always take a careful inventory of what’s getting in the way of the results they want. Below is a brief list of some of […]

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No January Rush (& Why)

Last week I mentioned we won’t be opening up the Gym for the “New Year rush”   And we have had people that haven’t been with us, ask to sign up to us come 2024.   For the last 6/7 years I think people assume I lie await until midnight on Hogmanay & turn the […]

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Bit of Reality on Toning Up (Before Bad Advice Comes)

I’m getting a bit proactive here I know you’re going to see loads of conflicting advice as we near post Xmas/New Year period So here’s a little dose of reality and how to approach Fat Loss (Toning Up) in 2024 before your social feed goes mad Fat loss is the most rigid nutritional phase. Meaning […]

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Win Personal Training Package (worth £200)

Hey As we near the end of the year we are looking to run a competition as a thank you for reading these our blog and emails this year This is a chance to win One Month at DM Elite to the value of £199 The cut off to complete the survey is 12pm Friday […]

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7 Unpopular Truths

….But they are all principles on how WE work as a Gym to best serve our members For long term, sustainable change and enjoyment with their fitness/health Here goes…. 1) Eating/Training for Performance. Eating/Training for Aesthetics. Eating/Training for Long Term Health. Are 3 VERY different things. 2) Visible Abs don’t always equate to health, nor […]

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A New Era for The Fitness Industry

We’re entering a new era of strength training. For too long, weightlifting was weirdly stigmatized and largely misunderstood. It was for only bodybuilders and athletes. It would make women “bulky.” It was too dangerous for older adults. That’s led to an avoidance of resistance training (and exercise altogether), and the country is alarmingly unfit. • […]

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Primal Code – DM Elite

I was told to read ‘Primal Branding’ by Patrick Hanlon and it was an excellent read His book is based off 7 key principles behind a brand So I thought I would compile our own version for our website and prospective staff/members So here goes….. 1. The Creation Story As Hanlon says in his book, […]

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Lessons From Becks

Recently just finished off David Beckham’s Netflix series and it was a good watch Better than watching Rangers/Man U in Europe this week anyway ! And I was feeling pretty nostalgic watching it Could remember it all from growing up, he was the man in my eyes The main lesson I took from it that […]

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Finite vs Infinite Games

2 of my favourite content creators recently did a podcast together And there was a segment (link below) That really struck a cord with me THERE IS NO END GAME Family Fitness Business The 3 things that I’m most passionate about and that I base my daily life on Always keep evolving You don’t ‘win’ […]

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