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7 Reasons To Strength Train (#7 will surprise you)

There’s a big misconception (that is improving) around strength training ‘it will make me big and bulky’ ‘I just want to tone, I don’t want to put on a lot of muscle’ This is something we hear a lot but the truth is strength training really helps with you toning up and improving shape …and […]

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Why The Last 10 Pounds are the Hardest to Lose

Why The Last Ten Pounds Are The Hardest To Lose 1.) A Smaller Body Burns Fewer Calories This makes perfect sense when you take a step back and look at this situation logically, but when you start to view the bathroom scale as your nemesis and feel confused and frustrated, it’s easy to let emotions […]

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Half Way There…

So we have recently hit the half way point in the year Mad that really And here’s the reality Time moves FAST and it will soon be 2023 And what I would like to challenge you to think about is how are you feeling? Are you on track with your 2022 goals/plan? and if not, […]

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Am I Too Old to Join the Gym

Let me address the age obstacle ‘I’m too old’ ‘Gyms are for young people’ Could not be further from the truth Trust me Yeah, your age is what it is. But it all comes down to your perception and outlook with. Just like injuries, knocks and niggles…the glass half full approach will always serve you […]

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Lisa and Erin were delighted to collect ‘Best Health & Fitness’ at the Inverness Business Awards on behalf of the gym last weekend at The Drumossie Hotel ? Thank you to everyone that voted, all members’ positive word of mouth that no doubt helped win the award and also to all of the Team for […]

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