11 Steps to Losing Body Fat

Tracking weight is something we may look at from time to time

But generally, it’s not something that’s wholly accurate and always a good indicator to gauge progress

More often than not you can feel internally

Energy levels

Confidence and how you FEEL within

Clothes feeling looser

(Every week we have members commenting and saying how new clothes are required haha)

Numbers and metrics you can see in the gym

You may be started doing squats bodyweight with the correct technique

To holding a 10kg kettlebell for 6 reps

….to being able to hold a 16 for 10 reps

There are so many ways to track other than using that dreaded number on the scale which, let’s face it

Hasn’t served us well in the past

So as well as the above

here we assess lean muscle tissue – to ensure you aren’t losing weight…at the expense of muscle (which is more important for longer term health)

And body fat

These 2 metrics as well as the more ‘internal’ are great wat to see/feel progress and how we are getting on

If we are working hard, we want to make sure things are going in the correct direction

So, I made this video for you watch if you’d like

11 Steps to Losing Body Fat

Click here to watch 

Any questions on it, reply and let me know


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