£120 Per Month?

” £120 per month but a long walk or a out door swim can give u the same benefits cost u nothing just saying!

A recent in a long line of comments we got on our Ads for our 28 Day Challenge

One one of the ladies currently doing our 28 Day Challenge, Roslyn replied –

“yes but no accountability… Easier said than done. Don’t knock it until you try it, I highly recommend Dan and his team, it’s more than just a gym, the support and encouragement they give you is 2nd to none.
Yes it’s a lot of money but it all depends how much you want something

And the thing is, BOTH are correct

There’s no right or wrong answer

There’s no doubt we (especially living where we do) have space, great surroundings and the ability to exercise…for free…outdoors.

I would argue you always won’t be able to strength train with first viewpoint but that’s by the by and the principle is correct.

But problem is, that’s not for everyone

Even personally, I train most days and always have. I’ll walk the dog and aim to get 10k steps in daily.

Would I outdoor swim? Not a chance. Haha. Although there are some the come to the gym that do so and love it.

We at the Gym, as I mentioned are offering way more than coached Personal Training (which is really valuable as it is)

but people DO NOT stay at DM Elite solely for the coaching

sure, it’s really important but not the be all and end all.

If you need it, we will also help you with your nutrition and lifestyle

We make sure you come. If you are a no show for X amount of time and don’t hear from you. We will reach out.

You come in and meet like minded people that value the same things that you do

If you don’t get out much with work, kids etc you get our of your 4 walls and chance to have ‘you time’

speak to people

make friends (especially important if you aren’t from here and don’t know many folk)

we have social events – we sold out Ness Walk for our Xmas bash in December within like a week

We are introducing a ‘Brunch Club’ in January

We will have seminars from guest external speakers in 2022

I’m sure we will also get our walking and running sub groups back in 2022 (we were big on that pre covid)

So yeah

We offer we more than cool equipment and personal training

we offer ACCESS (to results you would find harder to get on your own)  & ACCOUNTABILITY (we make sure you follow through on what you said you would do and show up)

…oh and have fun/enjoy the process rather than dreading the gym and the thought of restrictive diets

So to summarise…

Both are correct and both work (similar to my gym post on Monday)

But what works for one person does not work for the next and we have really positive word of mouth and reviews as you can see

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