2 people are trying to lose weight – who has a better chance?

Sleep is an unfair advantage

Sleep is a core foundation to obtaining the physical results you’d llike

Now I’m not big on ‘talking weight’ and aesthetics a lot

Because it required so much context so actually base a proper opinion for any individual

That’s why we have coaches that can help

It takes the guesswork out


Lets look at Person 1

Sleeps 4-5 hours per night on average

Awake for 19-20 hours

Trains 3-4 times per week

Generally super active

But you’re awake longer

Ghrelin (hunger hormone) is up

You can’t work at proper capacity during training because yeah, you’re tired

Recovery is harder

Performance drops

Motivation drops

Therefore easier to talk yourself out of a healthy lifestyle

Person 2

Sleeps 7-8 hours per night

Awake on average 16 hours per day

Exact same Training Plan/Activity

Hungry less as hormones are suppressed

Performance is where it needs to be and feels benefit of progress and feeling good

May be low on motivation some days but has capacity to do work required

Recovers fast after workouts


Who do you think has a better chance of achieving aesthetic goals – weight loss/body fat etc?

Yep…Person 2 for sure

Training and living a healthy lifestyle is more sustainable/enjoyable here and they do the exact same as Person 1

All that changes is perspective on sleep and prioritising it

Now don’t get me wrong, I have 2 young kids and they have kept me up over the years

I sometimes have to get up for work 4.45am

I know this isn’t always easy if your life isn’t set up to win this way

I know some people just struggle to sleep and I get that must be frustrating

I know a lot of the people come to us to tick the exercise, movement, strength and fitness box and by all means you can hit your goals that way

I know you may go to the gym to let off steam and protect energy, confidence and mental health

(my main reason to be honest ^)


If you really want to shift X amount of weight or Body Fat

You really need to know this ​​

again AWARENESS (and I would say perspective) precedes CHANGE 

And knowing HOW important it is, compared to more steps or extra workouts

is vital

Hope that helps

Any any questions let me know



I must stress, I am not good at this. This is from experience. I will watch youtube/netflix when I know I should be sleeping. And I also pay for it some days!

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