3 Lessons from Liverpool (number 3 is an eye opener)

Spent last Friday down in Liverpool at Goodison Park at a course

And as much as a pain the travelling was and getting there

It is always good to step out and step back to review all things life and the gym etc

Which leads me to what I picked up from being away and spending the day with over 100 men who have their own businesses


Like I said above. Sometimes you have to slow down..in order to speed back up. It’s good to get away from the noise and review all aspects of life and business to know if you’re making progress and going in the right direction.
If you aren’t assessing. You’re guessing. And you need to aware of where things are.


If you don’t ask…. you’ll never know. And be willing to fail or be rejected from time to time. All good things come from asking questions and detaching from the outcome.
This was actually the day before when I went off, but I followed up with Waterstones having pitched the book to them 2 weeks ago and I thought about leaving it thinking they were just ignoring me. But I went and they were delighted, happy to stock the book and apologised for not getting back in touch so soon. And the manager had been on holiday. If I never went and/or followed up…it may not have happened.


Alcohol has a huge effect on EVERYTHING. A lot of the guy’s biggest breakthrough over the past few months had been cutting back/quitting booze.
More energy, more productive, less snappy, more confident and generally happier. Quitting changed a lot of lives and saved a lot of businesses/marriages/relationships. I’m not one for saying don’t drink…I still drink but not very often.
And I know what positive effect less to no booze has helped me. I think with what’s going on currently in the world it’s easy to sedate on booze to forget problems…covid was the same.
It’s not easy but there IS a better way.

To top that point off (and I wouldn’t normally do this)

Here is a full training I did on my thoughts on alcohol and habit change in general

Click here to watch

It was a module as part of my online mindset program and technically is a paid-for training

But if it helps 1 person who reads this

I’m happy with that

Let me know how you find it if you decide to watch 🙂

Have a good day/weekend


Alcohol and changing long term habits 

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