4 Ways To NOT Get Results

We all know what to do

But sometimes to move forward

Focusing on what to say ‘no’ to or stop doing so much will turbo charge your rate of progress

Here are 4 things NOT to do if you want to get results:

1) Be Inconsistent & only show up when you feel like

Exercise and prioritising health is not a ‘do it when you feel like’ sort of thing. If you really want to take it serious –

feel better, more confident and FINALLY crack the code. You gotta show up regardless on how you feel.

I got back from holiday 10 days ago…have had around 5 nights of sleep and to be honest it would have been easy to not train as motivation is at an all time low.

However, I’m not committed on the excuse…I’m committed on prioritising health, feeling my best possible and doing what I said I would.

“yeah but Dan you have a gym and this is what you enjoy”

trust me…training with little to no sleep ain’t fun.

2) Ignore Nutrition

Sure, when you start an exercise program it’s a different adaptation and stimulus on your body so it’s ‘low hanging fruit’

You will see change from doing that along for sure. You will feel more energy, move better and you’ll be fitter.

But if you are further into the game and exercise is a habit…and you want to take results to the next level/maximise effort..

Nutrition should be a priority. Luckily here at DM Elite we have Erin who is our very own nutritionist.

3) Stay in your Comfort Zone

Remember that time you did anything positive in life

Job promotion

Start a business

Have kids

….join the Gym and ask for help

Go on that first date and meet the person you have been married to for 20 years

Yeah well it WOULD NOT have happened if you stayed in your comfort zone

Anything life altering that is going to change your life for the positive is likely to be UNCOMFORTABLE

Get uncomfortable in the short term, to get more comfortable long term

Anything worth achieving is likely hard. Make hard decisions. Go into every day to push your boundaries.

Do that most days for a year and it will change your life.

4) Ignore Recovery

I’m the biggest culprit for this.

I love the instant gratification from a hard workout, the sweat, burn and buzz after a workout.

But guess what?

Only focusing on this and NOT stretching regular, working on mobility if you sit a lot during the day, not prioritising sleep

Will lead to burn out, potentially injury, boredom and therefore long term difficult to keep up. Which goes against what you want.

Make sure you slow down, so that you can speed back up.

Have a great week


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