5 Fitness Fails


People think you just need to up your cardio game in order to lose more weight, which is not the case. Actually, persistent moderate steady state cardio is not going to get you that adaptations you’re looking for unless you’re looking to decrease muscle mass.

Cardio is hardand yes it is great but alongside more metabolic work & strength work then you’re onto a winner.

It’s also very time consuming haha

and people never seem to have much time


You cannot out train a shitty diet unless you are 20 & an Elite Level Athlete Training Daily

You know what its like

teens/20s you can eat what you like

when kids/busy career/business creeps in into your 30s you wonder what happened

why its critical we teach younger generation you don’t just ‘get away’ with it all your lif

Over time your nutritional inconsistency stalls your progress and leaving you wondering why you still have those stubborn areas you want to shift.

If you want to drop weight/body fat & have a calorie remit of 1500 per day

Eating a good solid 1500 daily but indulging in that 2/300 extra daily without overthinking it

ie latte or 2 daily from starbucks, snacking on baking lady brought in at work

daily, adds up

200 extra even over a week is a DAYS INTAKE

Just be a little more aware, more often

That being said don’t over-restrict…Balance is key


We focus on how hard we can kill ourselves at the gym, but we don’t understand that recovery is equally important.

Recovery is where you grow. Recovery is where the magic happens. Think of your workout and recovery as an equation that must equal each other.

Working on your fitness, Going to the Gym, coming to DM Elite Inverness daily is great but make sure you have sufficient recovery planned

10-15 minutes of stretching/mobility work before bed, for example

(which leads onto final two which are similar)


Hydration keeps you mentally/physically switched one

From a hormonal POV while you sleep allows your body the time and hormones needed to repair/clean things up inside so you can crush your next workout.

I get we all can’t choose when we sleep with difficult patterns/kids etc but we can do our best

Your body just makes bad decisions the next day when tired (food, sugar cravings you know the deal)


DO NOT be watching Netflix till all hours then suffer for it the next day 🙂 (made that mistake before haha)

Which area do you need to improve on to take your results to the next level?

For me its recovery

Need to do more mobility work at home in my own time


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