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There’s a thought process that with success the answer usually lies at 10,000

Malcolm Gladwell once said in one of his books that you need to spend 10,000 hours

To become an expert at a certain area

Basically the rule of repetition and the fact that people seriously underestimate the time horizon

And what can be achieved when we extend it

I did a training on this which blew a lot of minds within my ‘Improve’ online mindset coaching group

It was on long Vs short term games and essentially the power and evidence behind delayed gratification

It has probably taken 10,000 people locally to see our ads, hear about us and eventually 10% of that have used our Gym over the last 6 years

To get to the point we are now

I know from being in the fitness industry for 11 years and averaging easily 70 hours a week over that timespan

That I didn’t really feel like I was getting anywhere until 6 years in

And even now starting off with the online program

It will take a year or 2 to create traction and find what works

I recently just looked back on this email software to see how may I have sent since 2014

Over 1600 emails I have written and sent in that time

A lot of them not replied to or even looked at

A lot of unsubscribes ‘please stop emailing me’ and ‘can you stop sending me emails’

A lot of them (especially to begin with) really s***

But just like growing a muscle or getting fitter/losing weight

The more you do it

The better you get

The thing is

The longer you can delay that time horizon

…the bigger the upside on the other end

Stopping kills most goals and long term progress

NOT information, the ‘thing’, the obstacle, how you feel, motivation

If we just found a way to stop stopping you know you would achieve what you’d want to

It’s that simple

Yes you may need some coaching, some help and accountability

But you do not need to over complicate things

Again just like the weight analogy

would you ne happy with 4lbs weight loss over 4 weeks if you tried super hard and did everything right

questionable and many would say no, that isn’t worth the effort


a bit less effort, a more relaxed attitude to it and maintaining 75% of the good WI|THOUT stopping

And 52lbs weight loss

Would you be happy? Most would answer yes

The difference? Mindset and delaying the time horizon

Need any help or have any questions

as ever…lemme know

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