5 Laws of Physical Efficiency

I have been reading a lot recently on being efficient with time and time management and it made me think of physical efficiency.

So here are 5 laws to live by physically and how I have always thought about looking after myself no matter how busy or stressed I get with life, business…pandemics

Law #1 –

Health is Your Greatest Asset: As we have stated numerous times in the past, your physical health is the most important asset you have. You can always make money back but you can’t always get time back, or your health as easily.

Law #2 –

All Physical Decisions Compound: Just like saving or investing money. If you don’t put in the work to improve your body it will only become harder to do so as you age. Your body has an incredible ability to adapt to new environments and if you take care of your physical health you will reap the rewards 5/10/15 years down the line (just like saving/investing).

Law #3 –

You Will Not Improve in a Linear Fashion: While newbies in the Gym will see change faster, the human body is strange and will hit a plateau numbers wise for  periods of time until you reach another breakthrough later on down the road. We all know several people who stick to a new workout or diet routine, improve and then quit once they stop seeing quick progress. If only it were that easy. Big ‘wins’ come from a lot of slow and steady consistency followed by a stair step up followed by a lot of steady consistency again. Just remember. The stair step up is because of all the work you did 1 month, 1 year or even 10 years ago.

Law #4 –

Nutrition is More Like an Oil Change than it is Fuel: Yes no doubt “food is fuel”, but food is more like an oil change for your body to make a car analogy. Making sure the system is clean will allow the parts to operate appropriately and if we don’t keep it as clean your capacity (or ‘top speed’) won’t be as high.

Law #5 –

Life is stressful enough without stressing on numbers: Yes it is great for habit change and along your journey we would advise you attempt to self educate yourself on your own data. I don’t think obsessing about it all of the time can always be healthy. Attempting to count every single step we take and every single calorie could very well defeat the purpose of diet and exercise all together. Eliminate friction, set manageable targets and simply avoid purchasing items that will be bad for you, go to the gym and get help on that if needed and walk daily.

If you’re stressed or don’t know where to start

just start and keep it simple

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