5 Lessons from 12 Years

I’m close to 12 years as a Personal Trainer now and between that time and having a gym for 6 and a half years

I have learned a lot

Here are 5 lessons you can take with you as you go into a new week:


Trying to get sore isn’t the goal of training and also isn’t a requirement for results.
It occurs when you do something new. So a by product of hard work, yes…required for transformative results…No.


In 5 years time it won’t matter to you that you had a bad week today, had a few cheat days when away last month or that you smashed that workout yesterday.
You’ll care that you kept continuing to show up regardless of how you felt.
Focus on the simple and consistency.
Fitness is ever evolving, lifelong and not a 28 Day Challenge.


Run to build your lung capacity.
Run to focus and improve your mindset.
Strengthen your heart.
But don’t run to lose weight. Cardio isn’t the ‘optimal’ way to burn fat but is an excellent way to get healthy.


Eat Veg > Boring
Bed by 10pm > Boring
Exercise Daily > Boring
Doesn’t drink much > Boring
Weekly Planning every Sunday > Take a break
Takes gym kit on holiday > Crazy!

I’ve been labelled with all of the above, give me boring/’different’ every day of the week. Your future self will thank you. Other people’s opinions don’t pay your bills or fuel your energy/confidence.


Physical fitness is more than how you look. It also results in:

Less anxiety
Stronger bones
Sharper cognition
Better sleep (better life)
Decreased risk of health-related issues
Averaged increase of life

Exercise and fitness are a superpower and makes you harder to beat.

Think less about what the number on the machine/scales say.

There is more to it than meets the eye ^^ ?


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