5 Reasons Why You Should Follow A Fitness Program

Personal Trainers

Fitness Programs

Cutting back on your favourite food and drink

Having days you feel stiff and getting in/out the car feels like climbing a mountain

…and you gotta pay for it?

when you put it like that

sounds horrendous and my worst pitch ever


here are 5 reasons WHY you should actually do the ^^^

1. Programs Give You a Plan of Action

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Having a plan helps you establish a baseline and serves as a roadmap. Ever gone off on a 3/4 hour drive to somewhere you’ve never been WITHOUT a satnav, or map (if you’re old school)


you would get lost

and what usually happens when people try to tone up & get fit on their own?

They get lost, give up & every time that happens…it gets harder to start again

2. They Force You to Be Accountable

Mark Fisher (my personal coach on all things business etc for 2019)

once said,

Keeping your word to yourself builds self esteem.” How many times have you said you were going to go to the gym, but when other things come up that’s the first thing to go?

Or, how many times have you been in the gym, decided you were going to this and that…do 10 minutes on the bike without breaking sweat and retire to the jacuzzi?

Having a program you’re accountable to sets you up to not only make it impossible to ‘fail’, but hit goals, but build your self-esteem as you keep doing the things you say you are going to do day after day.

If you are a parent and don’t do what you said you would

Why should your kids listen to you?

That’s what I always think when I feel like when I give up something I said I would do

3. They Save Time and Decrease Mental Clutter

People are so busy

Kids, work, business, getting shopping done et all

Factoring into that planning your own training sessions, actually making it to the Gym and working as efficient as possible

is just another thing to worry about

outsource that worry to an expert

as long as you get there, everything else falls into place

what you do
making sure technique is on point
pushing yourself
sufficient rest periods

ALL ^^^ taken care of 🙂


4. They’re Opportunities for Measurable Progress

“What gets measured gets managed.” 

Being on a program lets you track progress and recognize your accomplishments. How awesome is it to look at data and see that you have actually made progress? So awesome.

4 weeks back I was X Body Fat, now I am Y

When I first started I couldn’t breathe after the warm up, now my recovery is so much better

on week 1 I did bodyweight squats, now I do them holding a 16kg Kettlebell in front of me

By identifying what is or isn’t working, you have a reference point you can now tweak to progress results further

5. You’ll do the stuff you don’t want to that will ultimately make you better.

“Successful people do what they have to do whether they want to or not.”


we don’t win todays’ battles with yesterday’s results

you wake up every day with the score card at ZERO

successful people simply show up every single day 

Hope that helps kill off your excuses today 🙂

Want any further help on any of the above then just ask


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