5 Rules of Life

Recently came across Thom Plummer’s 5 rules of life on Facebook

And it got me thinking

So I thought I’d share in here

Enjoy the read 🙂

Here goes:

The five rules of life:

#1…. You will never find happiness through others.
If you cannot find happiness within yourself, you will never be happy.
If you are waiting for someone else to make you happy, you will waste your life waiting.
If you are dependent on someone else for happiness, you will always be held hostage by that person.
You need to live within yourself before you can be truly happy with anyone else.

#2….Some people have to have the universe drag their butts through the cosmic mud before they will learn how to live on their own.
There will be people in your life who prey on the strength of others and want to live off of the kindness an intrinsic driven person, such as a professional coach, but when you struggle this person simply jumps off your back onto someone else’s.

Carrying someone does nothing but enable him, and the universe needs to have its way with that guy before he will change.

A hand up is one thing; enabling a person to stay worthless in life is something else entirely and lessens your life, but never changes him.

#3…. Money isn’t everything…. but it is. Live as a minimalist or live as a hedonist; it doesn’t really matter, just as long as you have enough money to live independently of others.
Money is freedom and nothing more. How you determine what your freedom costs is your decision.

#4…. It is all your fault.
Your life is how it is because of the decisions you made, or didn’t make; but good or bad it is all yours.
You cannot blame anyone for your inability to take care of yourself in life.
Nothing bad ever changes until you take personal responsibility for the situation.
You are who you are because of the decisions you made and if you screwed it up so what? Get over it, get on with it and get your butt moving.
We all fail, and it doesn’t mean a damn thing except you are human and as just as messed up as the rest of us.

#5…. Because you are you and have it all, you have to give back every day or it will all be taken away from you someday.
You must to do a hundred small acts of genuine kindness a day to improve lives around you.
You, who has it all, must share it all or lose it all.
Your personal problems may be tough, but the rest of the world hurts worse than you do and even on your worst day you are still capable of changing someone else’s life.

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