You CANNOT Out-Train a Bad Diet

Whaaat? I know… I know

a tough one to take

and wouldn’t life be easier if we could eat and drink what we want no matter how hard we work in gym

but yeah

if you want to lose a good amount of body fat/weight

it won’t work simply but training hard for 45 minutes 2/3/4/5 times a week

that’s great ^ and I think its great to mainly focus on the training side of things when just getting started

1 habit at a time and all….

but to get where you want to go

it will require some work in your own time in terms of what you eat & how much of ‘it’

you have to create a calorie deficit

maybe you train to enjoy what you want to enjoy and that’s fair

but most of us want to look and feel as good as we possibly can

and we can’t do this but enjoying a well earned few glasses of wine/ben and jerrys et all

every time we train

you’ve got to build upon the good work and keep at it day after day

…for a consistent period of time

boring (I know) but it works


Biggest Fat Loss WILL Require To Lift Heavier Weights

Building strength is crucial for burning fat

(don’t worry ladies, you will NOT get bulky…promise – and that’s where Rule 1 is important ^)

first though technique must be on point, and we will make sure of that

and once you have nailed the technique…build upon that and push barriers

you will only ever tone up/get lean if you push yourself and put time under tension through muscle groups

so that means – listening to coaches with respect to TEMPO of exercises (slow down/pause/explode up for example)

and individually choosing to up the resistance you work with

whether its deadlifts, squats, rows, shoulder pressing, pushing the prowler

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself ! 🙂


NOW we have got RULE 2 sorted – let’s look at fully utilising MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training)

So now our heavy lifting/muscle burning sorted

lets now look to ramp that up with metabolic training/lung burners

here we want to go HARD at It when we have these short periods of work on ‘cardio’ stages to workouts

here we want to do as many full-body movements as possible, as we do

so when we have that 30/45 seconds of work…yes again be conscious of technique

BUT go full at it, there’s a reason the time isn’t too long…its designed to really push you

and hate life  bit for 30/45 seconds periods of time ha ha

yes you will be tired

you will feel like dropping intensity

but again if you fully want to utilise your time and maximise results

then the metabolic part of your workout must be productive 🙂


Standard ‘Cardio’ aren’t wrong as such…just not priority

So now we have our food on point

our muscles are burning

pushing ourselves from a metabolic standpoint

NOW its time to look at steadier state cardio

again I wouldn’t say this is priority but still important

jogging, long walks, cycles are great from an aerobic POV and will burn fuel/calories

and definitely serve you well as active rest days from more intense stuff

but they have been proven to be less effective for FAT LOSS

heart/health benefits still great so still well worth doing

its just your body will adapt a lot quicker, a lot harder to progress other than time & less kind on joints (running)

to summarise MRT will hit fat loss goals quicker

cardio will help burn calories/fuel but it is a lot harder to adapt

both are well worth including in your schedule (especially a daily high step count)

but I would prioritize MRT 🙂

RULE 5 –


Maybe if you’re reading this and NOT a member of DM Elite

The reason why we do this is because you can’t really lose spots in specific areas with specific exercises

Gyms everywhere are full of people doing endless crunches to lose belly fat

and whilst this makes perfect sense, the body doesn’t work like that

So when working out/eating/living day to day remember that 4 rules above ^

and that this is all a LIFESTYLE shift and a process

DO NOT fall for the AB 3000 on channel 3000 on Sky with some oiled up American fitness model guy showing it off

this will not give you a 6 pack in 28 days, honest

what will it following the 4 steps above


now we all know this, like a lot of it you may have known already

the other half is APPLICATION

as well as making sure you get adequate sleep, eating veggies, drinking water

and don’t kill yourself with all of this…it takes times

it’s important you enjoy life too

or else you won’t be able to sustain it 🙂

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