There’s a big misconception (that is improving) around strength training

‘it will make me big and bulky’

‘i just want to tone, I don’t want to put on a lot of muscle’

This is something we hear a lot but the truth is strength training really helps with you toning up and improving shape

…and it won’t make you bulkier unless you severely ramp up calories in your diet

Here are 6 reasons why it is so important:

1) Increases Strength – a well planned and personalised/progressive program will make you stronger. It’s good to be strong and harder to kill.

2) Injury Prevention – there’s nothing worse than not being able to train due to injury. Be proactive with that and work with weights. Bone Density improves so reduced risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

(especially important as we get older) and your ligaments and tendons get stronger.

3) Metabolic Rate Improves – We can sometimes get into our heads that more and more cardio is the answer, where as strength training will improve Muscle Mass…meaning you burn more calories when you work and more efficient with workouts.

4) Reduced Body Fat – Factoring in the reasons above and increasing muscle mass means we will reduce body fat and in turn improve shape without necessarily worrying about scale weight.

I have seen members lose 2/3 clothes sizes without losing much weight but they feel a lot better than they would have losing 2/3 stone.

5) Reduced Blood Pressure – Studies have shown strength training to reduce blood pressure & blood cholesterol.

6) Improved posture – Strength training with engage muscle groups you wouldn’t have done before so specific faults and postural alignment can be aided with with this modality of training.

All in all

As you can see above the benefits are huge

We have strength training as part of our day to day programming here at DM Elite along side cardio/conditioning/core work.

As well as that we have strength orientated sessions Power Hour and Build for people that really enjoy that style of training and are really looking to work at the above ^^^

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