6 Rules For Life Over 50

I used to attend various events by Thomas Plummer 4/5 years back

He had been in the fitness industry for over 40 years and what he didn’t know, wasn’t worth knowing

Lots of the success of the Gym I would credit him for


He isn’t really in the industry now but he does come up with written posts from time to time that I enjoy reading

And here are his rules for life over 50 years old 

#1… Every single workout matters. Six days a week for life.
Your body isn’t forgiving at this age…. food and working out
are the only things that will save you. At least two of those
days pick up some weights. Old people just want to walk,
leaving you skinny fat and too weak to even get off the damn
toilet. And hire a good trainer. Every adventure needs a guide.

#2…. You have fewer friends, but they will be better friends.
You most likely have less tolerance for bullcrap at this age,
and you will slowly find a tight little group of people you love
is better than a posse of idiots.

#3…. When you are 50, you are who you are, not who you will be.
The goal at this age is to become the best of who you are now. Stop worrying about trying to be someone you will never be, but always pretended you would become…. tomorrow.

#4…. Spend less on stuff and more on experiences.
That $5000 watch or new giant screen isn’t the same as a weekend with someone you love. You will leave your kids enough crap they won’t appreciate anyway, most likely thrown into a dumpster 30 seconds after you are dead, so spend their inheritance living a beautiful life instead of accumulating stuff that collects dust along with your under stimulated mind. .

#5…. You have to realize there are things you always thought you would get to in the “future” you will never achieve, and now that you are running out of time, you need to pick and choose what you do a lot more wisely You no longer have time to do it all; now you must pick carefully what it is worthy of the time of your life.

#6… Forgive yourself. We have all failed, hurt others, lost big money, trusted the untrustworthy, and perhaps married the ones we should not even had dinner with. Everyone is a flawed mess. Forgive yourself for being you. And living in the past is just another failure in life we all need to move past.

Aging is a process. Fight back through fitness. Fight back through forgiveness, of those around you and of yourself. Get out and experience life, not wasting your time sitting on the porch
watching the world pass you by

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did

Have a great day


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