6 Skillsets To BetteringNutrition

‘I know what to do I just can’t seem to do it’

we all hear that a lot, right?

we all kind of know what to do

we know what’s good, what’s bad, what is going to move us towards our goals and not?

Here are 6 steps to helping you improve looking forward:


Organise Time/Make Time – leave your food to chance day to day and just grab something when you can? Then chances are you aren’t going to be getting
what you need out of your food. If time is tight, maybe you need to plan better and work around obstacles in advance.

Be proactive rather than reactive with food.


Stop eating at 80% full. Culturally we eat until the plate is empty. But what if you reduced portions by 20% with all your meals – naturally you’re going to see results from that.

Ensure you have enough, but don’t over eat. Have a glass of water before every meal.


Eat more lean protein with meals – protein is great for recovery and increasing satiety levels. If it’s going to keep you fuller, for longer… that makes sense.

Same goes for Veggies too – can you get 4/5 portions in daily. It’s difficult to overeat on protein/veg guys. Easy to overeat and demolish a full tub of Ben & Jerry’s.


Record what you eat. Not sure where you are going wrong, want to see patterns that come about similar weekly? Then its simple, you should record your food and make yourself
more aware of what you’re actually eating. Maybe you don’t get enough water a daily, maybe you eat more between meals than you think.


Small hinges swing big doors. Get 1% better every day = 365% better a year.

Don’t try and change EVERYTHING, over night/yesterday.

Get 1 habit right, move onto the next one.


Change your environment. They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around.

If their habits don’t align with your goals its going to be tough.

That’s why the Gym is great – like minded people on the same mission. Everyone wants to get better. If you are based in Inverness and want to try our Gym click on our 28 Day Challenge Tab above.

People bringing home baking into staff room daily ain’t going to help, get out and go for a walk. Make sure these small habits in your own time move you closer to what you want.

Hope that helps

Dan 🙂

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