6 Week Reboot Results In (Here are some results!)

We had almost 100 DM Elite Members taking part in our recent Reboot

We haven’t got ALL of the end results through yet but some of the wins have been fantastic


All of these people have had obstacles that could have thrown them through the 6 weeks

Little niggles

The odd drink here or there

They all have busy lives and most have 2/3 kids

…maybe even the odd isolation here and there where they COULD NOT come in

But that doesn’t matter

Because when it means enough and you really want to achieve something

…you’ll find a way

Here are some examples of what was achieved by some we have already:

(kg loss/body fat% loss)

Sarah Matheson – 2.9kg / -3.2%

Graham  -8.8kg / -6.4%

Kay -3.5kg / -2.7%

Steve -3.5kg / -3.1%

Audrey -2.7kg / -4.5%

Lorien – 5.4kg / -4.5%

Karen – 3.9kg /-2.1%

Jamie -13.5kg / -6.6%

I’m sure you’ll agree

Some great results in there and top work from Dan (the other one that supports Celtic and Liverpool haha) and Erin

They both worked very hard with all members here on top of the sessions we all run

So as much as I would like to say a big well done to all members, well done to the staff for the accountability, advice and guidance

And as you can see 

IT IS do able with some extra support and push to ensure you do what you said you would

Want to achieve results like these? And I must say also, the numbers may have spiked your curiosity…yes

But the real benefits for everyone that took part will be the feeling within – accomplishment, fulfillment and just feeling better mentally and physically

Numbers and data are important, but if it makes you more health aware, happier and helps across all other areas of life

…That’s the real sweet spot

Getting started is never easy, I get it

But trust me once you get going and into the habit….you’ll love it

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