7 lessons from 7 Years

Last week we hit 7 Years of DM Elite

It’s been a great pleasure to serve everyone over that period and we are very proud to have changed so many lives through fitness and friendship.

We have built an unrivalled community and from day 1 to now, it has been ever evolving.

Lots of new faces
Regular social events
New Gyms
Different service offerings

A lot has changed from renting a room in Highland House, to Culloden for 2 great years and onto the end of our 5th year at Longman Drive

…and now with our first venture outwith Inverness and into Nairn which has been amazing so far.

Here are 7 lessons from 7 Years:


Fulfilment & Growth is a by product of pushing yourself. Personal and business growth has come off the back of challenging myself and being on the front foot. Not sitting back, waiting on the right time & being comfortable.


Change doesn’t come from 1 thing – books/programs/motivational quotes/diets – it comes from lots of little one percent shifts, performed consistently well over a LONG period of time, the majority of the time when you don’t feel like.


Let things take more time than anticipated and if you find yourself bored or unmotivated at times…good. Because that’s when most give up. Want results most people don’t get? Stop stopping.

Work harder than anyone else. You’ll get what you put time/attention into (good or bad) and you have to be obsessed to be very good at what you do.


Commit and push yourself into situations that will force improvement. Doing things when you feel like or waiting for the ‘right time’…wastes time we won’t get back.


Stress is guaranteed – be that positive and moving you forward or negative and pulling you back – decide which stress you’d rather live with.


Exercise DAILY to keep yourself sane – the pressure of having a business, employing staff, a family to support, getting through challenges like Covid and the pressure you put on yourself to keep moving forward is relentless and if you don’t have a positive obsession to channel your energy into… you’ll find a negative one.

Have a great day and start to your week


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