7 Reasons Why We Don’t Have Mirrors

Gyms (as you know them) are synonymous with mirrors

This puts people off that are not natural gym goers

We are the gym for people that don’t like gyms

One thing people always notice when they come into the Gym at first is NO MIRRORS

In our 2 facilities so far, we haven’t had mirrors in either

And our members love that..

Here’s why we went down that route:

1) Often when people start with us, they aren’t comfortable with what they see in the mirror. So why highlight it and why not build better relationship with the gym and fitness.

2) To add to that ^^ People use mirrors to pick up flaws and the gym should be a positive experience.

3) All of our sessions are coached so we are the eyes you need to ensure you doing things right and to your best ability.

4) You want to train in that awareness so you know how something should feel and cues/points to remind yourself to ensure solid technique & you get what need from the exercise.

5) We don’t want a gym full of people going full ‘Magnum’ from Zoolander in front of the mirrors.

6) As much it CAN be good for form/technique I think the cons outweight the pros.

7) To add to point 6  – if you stand side on performing a row, deadlift, RDL and the weight is testing…there’s a good chance you can do some damage to your neck looking to the side.

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