7 Unpopular Truths

….But they are all principles on how WE work as a Gym to best serve our members

For long term, sustainable change and enjoyment with their fitness/health

Here goes….

1) Eating/Training for Performance. Eating/Training for Aesthetics. Eating/Training for Long Term Health. Are 3 VERY different things.

2) Visible Abs don’t always equate to health, nor do they make someone an expert in fitness & nutrition.

3) The physique that many people chase often requires an increase in muscle mass…which may lead to weight gain.

4) Taking rest days often requires more discipline than training…but may be the missing piece to the results you’re looking for. Same goes the other way around, maybe you need to do more.

5) You’re not supposed to weigh the same as you did in high school.

6) Crunches won’t lead to ‘burning belly fat’. Do isolated ab exercises target the mid section? Yep. Most efficient way to train your core? No. Compound Exercise >> Isolation Exercise

7) More Weight/Big Barbells are not remotely a necessity. Sure, if your fitness ‘sport’ requires that use then by all means. However, pursuing the sport of life and every day wellness/fitness. More strength/stability and safety with Dumbells, Kettlebells, Med Balls

Hope this helps


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