8 Lifestyle/Nutrition Tips for Long Term Success

Environment Shapes Results

Where you work, where you eat, where you live, where you train, where you hang out…

Who you work with, what you eat, who you live with, who you train with, who you hangout with…

These are all things in our environments. The crazy thing is that all these little moving parts in life dictate about 75% or more of the results we see. Our environment influences our decisions and outcomes more than just about anything else.


Quick Fix Diets/1 Approach Doesn’t Work Long Term

Yes, you may have got great results on Shakes, Keto etc but it’s 1 approach. 1 thing won’t last or take you through the rest of your life. So when that thing stops, or you get bored.

It’s easy to see how and why they work.

Generally as a country we eat too many calories and more carbohydrates than we need. Let’s look at some examples:


  • Vegan diet: Removes animal products/fats – Eating Fewer Calories
  • Paleo/Whole30 diet: Removes processed foods – Eating Fewer Calories
  • Ketogenic diet: Removes carbohydrates – Eating Fewer Calories
  • Sugar “detox”: Removes a lot of high sugar processed foods – Eating Fewer Calories
  • Shake Plan: 2/3 Shakes a Day, probably under 1000 cals daily. Pretty miserable. Lacking energy but you lose weight. You probably lose muscle mass and add body fat also. Overall, again severe calorie restriction.


At the end of the day when people get results from the removal of certain foods, or food groups and don’t understand the principle of creating a calorie deficit for fat loss it can end up creating a disordered or fear based relationship with foods or food groups.

Emotion > Logic
We all know what to do.

We just don’t do it.

What we’ve found, is that most people eat based off emotions, feeling, and cravings and very few people eat based off fuel, performance, and recovery.

Tracking macros are all well and good until the kids aren’t well, you’re stuck at home and the weather is s**t outside.

It’s always good to know your Upper Limit Vs Lower Limit. See what we mean in this video here >


Upper/Lower Limits


Don’t Try To Perfect It, Try To Make It Less Bad.


So many people struggle because they see “influencers” on instagram and how perfect their weekly containers of meal prepped organic chicken, rice and broccoli looks stacked on the kitchen counter…

in reality, they should be focusing on making their own lifestyle, environment, or nutrition just a little less bad.

Instead of meal prepping every single meal of the week, try walking on your lunch break. Try getting a little more sleep than you currently are. Try drinking a little more water. Try buying a little less processed foods/booze in weekly shops.

It’s a tough sell to yourself to say ‘take it slow’ with your fat loss plan…

But the truth we’ve come to realize, after working with lots of people, that, is that taking it slow and building sustainable habits just works better and keeps people losing weight for longer.

And this is a perfect example of how to do just that. Make things less bad, worry about perfection later (or never).

Everyone is Different 
So when we approach nutrition, everyone’s plan is slightly different. We may have two people following a similar strategy, but the habits and order of operations for each person is likely completely different. Because that is how success is built, period.

From body type to goals to hormonal profile to lifestyle stressors to routines… EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT.

So why on earth would 8 people follow the same meal plan? They just shouldn’t. One size doesn’t fit all.

It doesn’t matter how well Susan who sits next to you at work has done. She has a different life and body compared to you.

We pride ourselves in individuality, So our suggestion for you, is to make your nutrition plan completely customized to YOU.

Here’s a small list of things that vary person to person:

  • Meal frequency
  • Meal timing
  • Calories consumed
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Macronutrient ratios
  • Micronutrient ratios
  • Ingredients (what’s liked and disliked)


And like I said… “Small List”, because this really can go on and on. But if you can dial even just these 1/2 of these things in, you will see double the success.


Be Accountable and Open About Goals 


It’s so much easier for you to stick to your plan if the rest of your household is involved –

Kids/other half etc. You all get healthier as a family. You are the beacon and role model.

Tell them what you REALLY want to achieve and why. If you have a coach or trainer tell them why. When you open up on your goals and why it’s means so much…it opens you up to more possibilities and results.

You understand it better, they understand it better.


Take Diet ‘Breaks’


We encourage Follow a lifestyle traffic light system that fits in line with your life.

There’s times to push hard – before holidays/events etc.

There’s times when it’s important to just maintain as best you can – Xmas time/holidays/weekends

Most of the year we try and get our members to shoot for getting 1% better and maintaining a sustainable balance that fits in with their life.

To see the Traffic Light Video, watch here >


Traffic Light System


Community is Key ???? 


Community is why DM Elite is what it is.

We’ve created a culture inside our community and it develops outstanding results, over and over again.

The thing is, you can’t mimic this. It’s not something we had a formula for. It was years and years of passion and giving as much value as possible.

When you give more and love what you do, it bleeds into your results. So I can’t explain how to create this, the only thing I can suggest is to go find a community that you can thrive in.


It’s the atmosphere that drives you to push yourself.

It’s the environment that guides you towards the right decisions over and over.

It’s the support and accountability from all the like-minded people, striving for the exact same thing, surrounding you every single day.

Its last on our list because it really is the most important. It trumps the macros, the systems and the training program… It is what separates average results from great results.


And there you have it ^^^

Hope that helps ????

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