8 Ways To Tone Up

Move daily. Get a fitness tracker, fit bit or use your phone and walk 10000-12000 steps a day,
simple but if you do a lot of desk work/driving at least you know you have a base in place.

Put resistance against your body 3 days a week.
Push/Pull/Lift/squat/deadlift/push a power sled/swing/carry…whatever it may be but It doesn’t necessarily be in a gym, it can be at home. Start with Push Ups, Squats and core based work and complete 3 times a week. Your body needs to progress and gradually get better so add reps/weight/increase intensity if its cardio based work and you will get fitter/stronger in the process also. If you struggle doing what you know you need to do, ask a Personal Trainer for help. Here at DM Elite, Inverness we structure all of our fitness sessions like this. It gets results.

Only eat food you plan. Most people fail because they emotionally eat. They have a bad day at work, stressful day with kids – feel bad about something and they eat, or they have decision fatigue after a long day and can’t think of what to eat so they resort to something that makes them feel good in the moment. 2 minutes later you wonder what happened and feel guilty…
I get it I do it too haha, If you make a plan to only allow yourself to eat food you have planned 24 hours in advance in then it will take you to stop from emotional eating ever again.
I personally would say track this in a written journal, food tracking app and have it filled out 24 hours in advance and hold yourself accountable

Track your progress, measurements, photos every 2-4 weeks. Don’t put all your eggs in the weight loss basket – measurements might go down, or your photos may visibly change.
You may have more energy, belt notched go down, sleep is better, recovery between gym session is improving.
Don’t get hyper critical on one mode of measurement (especially scale weight) be happy with the small changes each week.
Remember 5cm lost in a week off your body consistently over 10 weeks is 50cm. And that’s huge. Small changes really do get the large results.

Set rules for yourself. Will power and wont power.
Will power is not eating anything unless you have planned 24 hours in advance like we talked about earlier where is wont power is things you will be giving up until you have achieved your goal that you know that sway your judgement. e.g. You know if you have a piece of chocolate you always eat the block. (That’s what I do 🙈) So your wont power is I wont eat chocolate for the next 28 days (not give it up forever that ain’t happening)

Set goals and be accountable to someone, have a friend, a coach, someone that you measure yourself with, being accountable to someone else will help you stay on track, because it’s easy to bullshit yourself we all know it.

Don’t just be a great starter of programs, plans, memberships – be a great finisher. Mail your goals then move on to the next one. The cycle continues as soon as you tell yourself you have reached your goal and that is it…complacency sets in and you fall back, keep that momentum and keep building 👊

Know that if you get 1% better every day – you get 365% better every year. Not the other way around. You won’t get the results you want yesterday it may take time and you must see it as a lifestyle thing rather than a short term kick start / quick fix

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