A Letter to Steve Bartlett

Not sure if you came across this post last week

Ben Coomber, whom we had on to talk to us during lockdown on our Podcast and members page a couple of years back…produced a great arguement against The Diary of a CEO podcast and Steven Bartlett.

Here is the link Click to Watch

And it’s something I’m truly behind and get.

I used to love the podcast, but it has since turned into a business driven behind ads and sponsors. Similar to Joey Rogan, Chris Williamson et all.

They aren’t there to provide the best information any more. They are too big. They need eyeballs on YouTube and listeners.

The CEO Podcast has turned into having guests with wild information and it’s all so contradictory.

Low Calorie matters > don’t count calories > protein is unsafe and irrelevant > you need X amount of Protein per day.

Impossible to know what to do. In no way is it there to help people.

These guys need to have a new thing to say and what the craze is now, won’t be the craze in 1/2 years time.

It would be boring if they said the same thing over and over.

People are driven by bright shiny new things.

What works will always stand the test of time.

That’s why we are doing a monthly coaches’ Round Table for all members of our Gyms starting today.

Erin, a qualified Nutritionist giving real, actionable advice to our members on all things food related.

Myself there to guide and coach on mindset & lifestyle away from the gym.

And both there to aid any members on anything in the gym related.

We are putting a lot into ensuring members get the utmost information and accountability AWAY from the Gym to maximise outputs in the Gym. Leading to longer term, more sustainable results.

If you are not only looking for more guidance and support in the gym to ensure you implement what you know you want to do. But also have more access to help away from the Gym so you aren’t left wondering what’s reality and what’s real with regards to media driven fitness and nutrition information.

Then click here to work with us on our next 28 Day Challenge

If you’d like to get on board – apply here to claim one of our spots ????

Once you input the information, we will be in touch to arrange a chat with you on your current situation & what you’d like to achieve with us.


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