A New Era for The Fitness Industry

We’re entering a new era of strength training.

For too long, weightlifting was weirdly stigmatized and largely misunderstood.

It was for only bodybuilders and athletes. It would make women “bulky.” It was too dangerous for older adults.

That’s led to an avoidance of resistance training (and exercise altogether), and the country is alarmingly unfit.

• 70% of US adults fail to meet the CDC’s twice-weekly recommendation for muscle strengthening exercise.

• 57.8% fail to participate in any strength training at all.

But now, strength has a new ethos.


Putting aesthetics aside, exercisers see resistance training as central to longevity — with physical and mental health benefits.

The foundation of all our programming at DM Elite revolves around strength work with cardio and core work making up the rest.

I even use one of our staff, Grant…as an example. He was never into strength training before he started working with us. He focussed on running and was a real ‘cardio athlete’. We always encouraged him to undertake strength work to not only help form a better understanding overall but to also IMPROVE his running.

Since strength training more seriously from 7-8 weeks back…he most recently knocked 1 minute off his 10k PB. That’s A LOT!

To get a different level of result, sometimes you have to DO different. 

And that’s why we see strength training as the cornerstone behind any health/fitness related goal – be that maintaining strength/mobility as you get older, enjoying what you see in the mirror more or to improve your current favourite fitness/sport related discipline – golf, running, cycling etc.

If you would like to get fitter and stronger, but you’re unsure where to start

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