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“Fantastic gym. The staff are actually amazing, always willing to help you obtain your desired results and actually want to speak to you on a friendly level. Equipment is first class and always kept clean and tidy. Just an all round good experience every time you go.” Andrew

“I have been a member for almost 5 years and DM Elite is now an essential part of my life. I feel great, have lost weight and am so much stronger. Every session is different. You work hard and have fun too. Everyone is so encouraging and there’s lots of advice from Dan and the team. It’s actually more than a gym. Give it a try – you’ll love it!” Frances

This is how 2 clients recently reviewed us.

The first had been a member for around a year

The later as you can see, almost 5 years

The longevity is amazing and always very re-assuring for us

However, longevity MUST start somewhere

Looking to increase energy/confidence?

Drop a size or 2?

Get fitter and feel healthier?

These are all by-products of consistent routine and ACCOUNTABILITY

Both of which we help you with

But the toughest part for most?

Is making that initial contact and getting started

If you would like us to help YOU

Like we did for Andrew and Frances above ^^^

The click here

And we will be in touch to have a chat and discuss your goals


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