“Best Thing I have Done for my Business”

We have 6 different businesses from various industries that work with us

Staff heath & wellness is critical now 

And I know from our own staff (albeit they work in the industry) they perform better when they prioritise their own health

When you’re busy, pushing for deadlines and the pressure is on

It’s easy to forget about making the gym, eating well, protecting personal energy and mental health

That’s why we have some business owners that utilize DM Elite for not only themselves…but also their employees

This is not only a huge value add to the job (so helps morale and retention) but also massively improves performance

Sandy at Macleod Roofing is a great example – see his video here

He constantly tells me his staff are happier and and working more efficiently now that he gives them the time and opportunity to look after themselves

His staff drop in a the gym at times that suit them (pre/during/after work)

Knows the sessions will be a great outlet

Knows we will add huge value if the attend and enjoy it

Knows he is getting the best out of his staff through making health and wellness a priority (and not just a tick box)

If you would like to chat about you, your staff and how we could help

Drop us an email to dmelite@outlook.com



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