Bit of Reality on Toning Up (Before Bad Advice Comes)

I’m getting a bit proactive here

I know you’re going to see loads of conflicting advice as we near post Xmas/New Year period

So here’s a little dose of reality and how to approach Fat Loss (Toning Up) in 2024 before your social feed goes mad

Fat loss is the most rigid nutritional phase.

Meaning it requires the most discipline and provides less wiggle room than maintaining. That said, it is NOT AT ALL true that you can’t still enjoy foods you love while cutting! Quantities and portions of those foods might just need to be adjusted and you’ll want to plan ahead more.

For example, you might not be surprised to learn that I enjoy some form of chocolate every single day…even when approaching times I’m more aware of my food choices.

I can’t remember the last time a day went by without. I could cut it our and save a boat load of calories, but would I be happy with my diet? I don’t think so.

When I’m in maintenance, that might be a little more…but when I’m striving to lose body fat, I’m more likely to enjoy half of that chocolate daily.

I still encourage you to intentionally plan fun things into your day so that you can eliminate extreme restrictions and avoid perpetuating any restrict > binge patterns.

Speaking of planning ahead…

It will be your greatest ally when toning up.

“Plans don’t always work, but PLANNING does.”

If you’re not already in the habit of doing so, start plugging your meals into your food diary or head one day in advance. Don’t take this too seriously – it can be a simple 5 minute exercise while you’re vegging on the couch at the end of the day.

I will always prep a pot of 0% Greek Yoghurt with a little oats and fruit the night before, I just know it gives me 1 solid meal, good protein content and low calories if I’m stuck. And its tasty!

You don’t have to pre-log every single thing you’re going to eat, but even logging just 2-3 meals and/or snacks ahead of time will create a lot more structure into your day and will make staying accountable/sticking to your game plan much easier.

MyFitnessPal is useful for this

But only do for spells or when you need it. The key here is to educate yourself enough to becomes autonomous with your food and know in your mind roughly where you’re at in a day.

It’s always easier to eat food that you already logged, as opposed to logging as you eat. The common denominator of the stopping and lack of progress I’ve seen across all fat loss clients is neglecting planning ahead.

There are sacrifices to getting lean.

Our bodies are not designed to thrive in a calorie deficit, so we can expect certain biofeedback markers to take a hit. Specifically, as you get deeper into your fat loss phase, you might experience:

  • Decline in gym performance/strength
  • Muscle mass loss*
  • A hit to sleep quality
  • Energy dips

*Note that muscle mass loss is best minimized through a high protein diet, so it’s important to prioritize your protein target, as prescribed by the Blueprint! In fact, if protein is kept consistently high enough, it’s likely that you preserve existing muscle mass with minimal loss.

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