Coaching. Community. Customer Experience

The very foundation we have built everything on at DM Elite since we started September 2016

Since then it has grown, evolved & changed a bit

There has been wide spread fear, narrative shifts and negative news that has hit us all left/right & centre


A war

Cost of Living crisis

A recession

Staff shortages and supply chain issues

Multiple PMs (better chance counting reps/sets tbh ha ha)

But some things at DM Elite NEVER change

and that’s why we always want to be the highlight in somebody’s day/stressful times in life

We want to provide that time where you can come for 45 minutes to 1 hour

Focus on YOU

No distraction, no phones pinging, nobody fighting for your attention and a chance for you to prioritise your physical and mental health

Thing is, if you don’t look after it

…it will look after you

A chance to connect with like minded people

A change to build yourself up and not overthink life

A chance for you to get 1% better every day

Coaching is a huge aspect as it ensures the member knows what they are doing is correct, effective and they don’t have to worry about what to do

As long as you get through the door, you will do the work required that fits around your limitations and pushes for your aspirations

Community is massive as we have lots of members that may not know many from the area and make friends or may not have so much social connection at work any more

It’s good to be around other people like you, have events to look forward to and make connections you wouldn’t ordinarily have made.

Customer Experience is huge to us as we always seek to provide that ‘wow’ experience you wouldn’t get in another gym

You aren’t here for us, it’s all about YOU and how we can make your life easier/better and more fulfilled and we love the challenge if delivery that

We don’t aim for customer satisfaction

We aim for exceptional and our standards on making sure the customer is looked after on a personal level is another core foundation of our business

A great way to summarise the above comes below from one of our members Lynsey

Where she talks about her time with us and how it’s such a big part of her life

Watch here

And if you’d like to come in and work with us

Click here to find out more

Any questions about what we do

Don’t hesitate to ask


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