DM Elite Go To Glasgow!

…no we ain’t opening a Gym in Glasgow ha ha


Last weekend a group of us at DM Elite (coaches and members) set off for Glasgow

For Hyrox 2023

And we had a blast…. it was hard work but lots of fun and it was great to see so many people push themselves to do things they didn’t think they were capable of

Hyrox is a fitness event we have been training for since before Xmas and there were 32 in total going from the Gym

And there are a couple of lessons from the whole thing


It’s great to have a focus and something to train TOWARDS.

When you have something underpinning a reason to get up and go to the gym, motivation is not an excuse.

Be that a 10k run, event like this, Tough Mudder or a holiday/wedding/milestone birthday

When you have something you KNOW you are working towards it helps on days you feel like not going to the gym.

Purpose is FORGED through doing the work and pushing yourself from time to time.

You can’t expect to get motivation handed to you on a plate. You need to try things that generate and build momentum FOR you.


Community and being part of something bigger than you, yourself makes everything more enjoyable and raises standards.

I’m part of a gym owner community and we share ideas and meet up every 90 days to discuss best practise and what’s working.

You adhere to the standards of your tribe.

Belief drives behaviour and if you’re part of a community of like minded people that all want to be healthy, strong, athletic and confident then chances are that will rub off.

Same goes with anything.

Spend time around people that think and talk negative – you’ll think and act negative.

Spend weekends around people that booze – you’ll probably do the same.

If those actions don’t align with long term goals or your own core values as a person you won’t be happy.

If you want to be fitter, healthier and want to see the gym as a lifestyle shift and who you want to be.

Then spending time around a community like the good people of DM Elite is a huge driver.

Not only will you get the results PHYSICALLY

But you will feel better mentally, more energetic and confident

And maybe even make lifelong friendships

THAT’S what REALLY keeps you going 

Sure enjoyable workouts and cool equipment is all well and good

You may join to lose some weight, body fat and increase fitness levels

But it’s the people and community that keeps you going and adhering to these standards

If you would like to be part of our community here at DM Elite

Click here


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