DM Elite Habit Checklist & 360 Approach to Fitness

In the world of boutique fitness and with the industry getting larger, there is a giant misconception that you need to be exhausted, breathless, and on your ass at the end of every workout. Cardio is important but can be overused/overhyped in the industry, and it is this exact set of beliefs that prevents most individuals from making any kind of progress.

The DM Elite way of life is not just workouts – we like to offer members skill and resource in various areas to ensure long term success and habit change = life changing results.

At DME, we believe consistency and repetition are where the magic happens. We put this into practice in the way we structure our workouts, our approach to rest and recovery, and in our take on nutrition. Our approach is straightforward and sustainable. If you’re following strong and well-balanced training, recovery, and nutrition plans 85/90% of the time (90, not 100), the results will follow. What does this look like in practice?

  • TRAINING: Are you going to see overnight “results” from strength training four days per week? Initially you will, but we don’t EXPECT the world early. Sure, we will deliver quick wins… But you will see results through consistent training over an extended time horizon. Nothing truly worth having happens just like that…does it? And anyone telling you any different you should avoid, in my opinion. Getting started and initially into routine can be done within 6 weeks yes…but the longer you are in the game, the more it comes down to Mindset. By incorporating our 3 to 5 day-per-week protocol, you’ll gain strength and stamina, improve speed and power, and enhance endurance and athleticism over a few months in a progressive and sustainable way with reduced risk of injury and regardless of pre existing injuries you may have. We train people needing surgery, recovering post surgery, with mobility restrictions. You won’t get bored, our sessions are different but progressive – you’ll know through better form, progressive weights you work with and improved aerobic recovery. We focus on Cardio, Core and mainly Strength/Power Daily and make it as flexible around busy lives. Again like I said above it comes down to MINDSET and focusing on what you CAN do/control.
  • RECOVERY: Our training protocol calls for 3-5 days per week, not seven. Include a day or two of rest and walk lots or get on the bike to recover on alternate days. Keep impact low and MOVE DAILY. We incorporate rest and active recovery days into our system because it allows for progressive overload and reduces the risk of injury or burnout. Professional athletes don’t treat every day as game day, and neither should you. Work. Rest. Repeat. Follow the formula 90% of the time, and the results you’re looking for will be a byproduct of your consistent inputs, and your fitness routine will fit into your life rather than become it.
  • NUTRITION: We’re only interested in a long-term, stable relationship with nutrition. We do hope you care about how you fuel your body, but weight loss challenges and carb-cutting diets will not give you the results you’re fishing for (yup, you guessed it — we’re into Omega 3’s). Further, super restrictive diets won’t support the demands DM Elite’s strength-based system puts on your body. Instead, we suggest the DM Elite blueprint and encourage clients to focus on consuming sufficient protein and enough calories to fuel the demands our training system requires.

Nutrition KEY Pointers:

Protein – Push for 1.5-2grams of Protein p/KG of Bodyweight

Supplements – Omega 3, Vit D and Creatine we recommend. Hydration sachets also excellent.

Calories – have an awareness of what your body is used to/needs. Ball-park females 2000/Men 2500 calories per day with that ^ protein built in. If you do that every day for the rest of your days you WILL be golden. Track on MyFitnessPal for 3-4 weeks and learn how much is in foods/food groups. Speak to a coach like we have at DM Elite and gain an understanding on where to start to achieve long term success.

Incorporating a set of healthy, but not restrictive, habits most of the time, means it’s okay when you don’t. “Missing” a workout one day doesn’t mean you should double up the next (please don’t). Incorporate small indulgences in your diet 110% guilt-free. But generally, you’ll see the results you’re looking for by hitting a handful of core healthy habits 90% of the time. Again, consistency and repetition are where the magic happens.

Here are the habits we recommend you incorporate into your routine — but remember…consistency over perfection. While these are “daily habits,” you’re not going to achieve all of them every day, and that’s quite the point.



Water Intake – 2-3 litres of water per day. Start with day with WATER and not running off CAFFEINE.

Take Your Fish Oil/Vitamin D for your Supplementation gains – the immune and anti-inflammatory benefits here are vast and they are my non-negotiables.

Sleep – recover. Be less reactive with life in general. Give yourself the best chance for your mind and body to be ready for the next day. Decision making is critical for every day life so why compromise that if we have the choice.

Protein/Veg – Build your meals around these food groups and it’s hard to crave rubbish, have dips in energy and NOT lose a serious amount of body fat. However, don’t be that anti-carb person. You will need to live and move.

DAILY Movement – prioritise moving, be that a Strength/Cardio based session at DM Elite, getting your 10k Steps in…or both.

Treat Yourself – remember how I said 90% ^^ well that 10% is to actually live and enjoy what you enjoy. Enjoy that meal out. Relex on holiday. Just don’t forget the rest of the above and do it at the right times. There’s no doubt if you are looking to make some head way with body changes then you’ll probably need to cut back on the treat ‘regularity’ but then it comes down to what you want.


And with all of the above

You can OVERestimate what you can do in 6 weeks

And waaay UNDERestimate what you can achieve in a year or 2 just sticking to the above.

The biggest mistake and threat to your goals? Stopping.


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