Do Something…

Happy New Year

No massive story or lesson behind this post other than


We have probably all had a lot of time to think about goals and what we want to achieve in 2023

So I am sort of kick starting getting back into ‘work mode’ and getting the creative head spinning just by writing this email and sending out

The longer I leave it

The harder it gets to get back into that flow

The hardest bit? Doing the first one or first thing

Come to DM Elite again and get your first one in for 2023 ASAP

Join a gym, ask for help if you need it

Get a run in

Home workout

Full day of decent food

Good sleep routine again

Get that first full day or having normal-ish routine again as soon as you can

First day of not eating chocolate for breakfast has been a huge challenge for me haha

You don’t have to do anything major

Just do something

Results and habit changes for 2023 are a MARATHON….not a SPRINT

Slow, steady and chip away at your goals bit by bit

And have a great year

Dan 🙂

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