FAQs at DM Elite

What if I’m not fit enough and/or not a gym goer?

That’s totally fine. Most people that start with us DON’T LIKE GYMS and have had negative previous experiences.
And it’s our job to help with your fitness. People come to us for a reason…to do what they would not do on their own.

What if I work shifts and have super busy life?

Again, totally fine and normal for us. A lot of our members work shifts and have to mix and match times around childcare and work.
We have sessions – early morning, mid-morning, midday, early evening and evening ….7 days a week. So, if you want to make it happen, I am sure you will 🙂
Also, we are open on weekends if busier through the week so with over 65 session times to choose from – we find that most members can find 2/3 that work.
You don’t have to stick to set days/times – you can be as flexible as you need.

I have an (insert injury) and I struggle with certain exercises?

That’s our job – we are very adept at finding exercises that work FOR YOU rather than pigeonholing you into a generic class that puts you back and off exercise.
If you have shoulder issues, back pain, knee trouble or a combination that’s fine. We will work round it and make exercise progressive and enjoyable for you.

When do I need to start?

No set start dates as such, just whenever suits you best 🙂

How big are session sizes?

Some busier than others but on average between 6-12 and we will have 1/2 trainers overseeing what you do and making sure you do everything right.

Am I left to myself when in the Gym?

No, constant support and pointers on technique or just a gentle nudge of encouragment to do a little bit more than you think. Every session is coach-led so you always have someone on hand to guide you.

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