Free 7-Day Trial

Something we did back in our Culloden days 4/5 years back was a Free 7 Day Trial ?
And we just sort of stopped doing it.
So we are opening up 20 x Slots for people that would like to come in and try the Gym out ?️‍♀️
We often find people still don’t quite ‘get’ what we do…
What is it?
How does it work?
Why is it more expensive than other Gyms? ?
And the thing is…
We are the Gym for people that don’t like Gyms ?
So why not come and see what we are all about ?
Get that kick start you may need with your health & fitness ?
And decide at the end of the week if you’d like to stay with us on our famous ’28 Day Challenge’
This exclusive free ‘taster’ week (worth £40) includes a 7 Day Pass to our Small Group Personal Training sessions ?
So from the moment you walk through our door, you’ll be guided and coached through a workout…at YOUR pace.
We have lots of availability and flexibility in terms of days/times you can come in so it fits into a busy lifestyle.
If you would like one of the passes, complete the link below and we will get you sorted ?

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