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I just finished writing a book

I did enjoy about half of it, but half of it was a total slog and I found it pretty tough

was really outwith my comfort zone and to write 30,000 words in 12 weeks was hard

not only hard to do

but hard to find the time and I never really felt motivated to do it until I started my writing blocks (<< there’s a lesson right there)

30,000 words seemed a million miles off

so I had to break it into small chunks

nail down small habits as a foundation and build from there

Just like weight loss really…

If you lose 500g of weight each week you would be 20kg down with in a year even with a couple plateau weeks/’weeks off’

Your issue isn’t the ability to lose weight, your issue is the ability implement healthy habits into your life and keep them in a sustainable manner.

So often people try and overhaul their whole life in a day to lose 5kg, then they find it too hard to stay on track and put the weight back on again (their life is a continue battle to lose the same 5kg) when reality it’s small simple steps is the true key to lasting success with weight loss.

Your first habit might be simply going from 20 beers a week to 5 beers a week or chocolate every night to 1 night a week and you start losing 500g a week.

Then you go from walking 3,000 steps a day to 8,000 steps a day to continue the weight loss.

Soon after it could be increasing your veg intake to 8 fists of veg a day which will decrease your ‘want’ of high caloric foods.

You’re now down 5kg and you are feeling momentum, confidence and you are 6 weeks in and you are ready to implement the next habit so you do 3 x 30 min workouts a week and the 500g per week keeps coming off.

Soon after you could start tracking your intake and you feel like you have control back over your life and aren’t using food as a crutch anymore.

The tactics are endless, they also can be implemented in different ways for different people personalities.

The rule is simply the same, slowly change your life, implement the habits of the ‘healthiest version of you’ over time and the scale will change as an outcome but if you only ever focus on changing the scales without new sustainable habits they will eventually revert back to what they were when you first started because you never changed your daily / weekly rituals.

It’s not a lack of knowledge.
It’s a:
1. Lack of support from those around you
2. Lack of proximity to those who are healthy
3. Lack of accountability to someone while implementing new habits
4. Lack of desire (saying you want to do something and doing it are 2 different things)
The best thing is, you have the power to do all 4 things… if you want to change your life.

Most importantly lack of ability to implement small habits over a LONG TIME

You do not have to move mountains in 4 weeks.

Hope that helps and fires you up a little


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