Half Way There…

So we have recently hit the half way point in the year

Mad that really

And here’s the reality

Time moves FAST and it will soon be 2023

And what I would like to challenge you to think about is how are you feeling?

Are you on track with your 2022 goals/plan? and if not, why not?

This is something I am going bigger on within my 90 Day ‘Improve’ Program

Goal setting and planning

And here’s the thing, its tough setting big annual goals and easy to fall into the ‘overwhelmed’ trap

What I suggest is make the goal smaller and break it into smaller chucks

Setting 90 Day Targets like we do in the program does not only stretch you just enough

But also FEELS achievable

I just published my first book as I said last week

It was always a goal to get a book published and aim to get it into ‘best seller’ status for my category

That was seriously OVERWHELMING to begin

I mean, I knew where to start but I did not have a plan, coach or any idea on what to do next

And I could not be bothered wasting my time

How could I expect to write a best seller when I didn’t even do well at English at school haha?

I was never bad at it, have read A LOT over the years but writing 10,000 word is a different game

You must break big goals into small chunks

It all started with writing a word, sentence, a paragraph

Confidence only builds through imperfect action

Moving forward at some sort of pace

Too often we want things to be perfect ASAP

I had to re-do my book 1/2 times all in all AFTER it was written

I didn’t have a clue what I wanted the cover to look like or even what I wanted the title to be

until AFTER it was written

Same goes for this Improve program and workshop I did recently

I knew I wanted to do this and help people more on Mindset

Go deeper into it and teach things I haven’t taught before and I had to start somewhere

It all started with selecting a date/time/booking a venue

THEN aiming to get 50 people there within a 4-6 weeks of the event

Truth be told I didn’t do the slides and content for the event until the week of it

Same goes for weight loss

Yes you may want to go from 15 stone to 12 stone over the year

But the first target is 14.5

And you build from there

Losing 3 stone is super overwhelming when you haven’t even started

so it’s little wonder we give up so soon 

Overwhelm comes when you aren’t clear on priorities – high/low value tasks/time/planning

Goals aren’t hit when expectations daily/weekly aren’t met

So if you are not on track or happy with how things are going

Make your bigger goals, smaller

And get clear on what needs to be done each day/week for the next 90 Days

Hope that helps


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