I had a conversation with a member at our Inverness Gym last week – nearing the end of her 6 Week Beginners’ Program with us and she’s loving it.

Can remember speaking to her on her initial onboarding session and she was terrified. Had previous bad experience(s) at the Gym and was really apprehensive.

This was her last shot.

And the following words really stuck out to me,

I don’t come because I have to…I come because I want to.”

As the owner/coach that gives us a great deal of satisfaction as we know we are changing mindset, beliefs and results that make coming the Gym life altering.


The Gym had always had a negative ‘dogma’ with this lady, and she was fed up, tired and sorely lacking energy/confidence. Now…that has totally transformed, and she feels like a different person.

THIS ^^ is what the Gym can do

DM Elite is not about holding a gun to head and forcing you to do something you HATE.

If you hate it…you will stop or eventually we will suggest we part ways as we win if the member wins.

DM Elite as much as we are about Small Group Personal Training and our methodology on the gym floor/coaching….is as much a lifestyle and mindset. Unlocking personal potential and giving yourself the keys to an all-round ‘fitter’ life.


Training, Nutrition, Lifestyle DOES NOT have to be about doing stuff you don’t like.

Granted, we don’t always feel motivated for every session. We have off days and times we feel like sitting in the house with a tea/Netflix would be easier.

But what’s easy is difficult.

What’s difficult is easy.

And the cool thing? We all have a choice on whether we do the hard now…as see positive results later.

Or, do the easy, wait till next Monday…blame other stuff and see things get worse over time.


You can feel good about what you do.

Look forward to seeing people, escape from day to day and blow off some steam.

You can get to the point where going to the Gym is your ‘norm’ and you body/mindset reaps the rewards.


It just starts with making a step and if you would like more support with your journey.

Some extra accountability and a push to do what you know you won’t do on your own.



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