Here’s the thing about what other people think/do

I had this conversation with someone else last week that does ‘mindset’ style coaching

And it’s one that I think will help A LOT of people


We were actually speaking about an event that’s coming up and if either of us were going

Ant Middleton
David Goggins

Guys like these were all speaking

Ultra strong mindsets, yes

But not really relatable/empathetic

Like it’s cool listening to a podcast from someone like that to get you fired up

But the problem is when you compare in a negative way against

(insert celebrity, motivational speaker, person that doesn’t have kids and you do, doesn’t work and you do)

You ain’t comparing like for like

Sure you can demonstrate similar traits – discipline, resilience

I used to compare myself against a lot of people in the fitness industry that were massive – big followings

huge business

looked like they had all their ducks in a row

But reality is

1. People generally will only show what they want you to see

2. They didn’t have 2 young kids 

So what was ever the point, sure seek inspiration and what not but don’t let it floor you if you don’t feel like you live up to their hype?

It’s all a bubble

And you driving to work in an office

With stuff to do in the house

Business to get done

Is NOT the same as an ex SAS guy being paid 50k for an hour to say how just gets s*** done

runs for 2 hours before the kids get up then dives head first into a -100 ice bath

doesn’t complain and goes into dark places other people aren’t willing to go into

That’s NOT real life 

Yes, like I said above you can take inspiration

And like I have done with all coaches/mentors I have had

Take the best bits that you fancy (like a buffet almost) and apply them to YOUR life

But know that it fits your values and aligns with how you want to live longer term

NOBODY can tell you how you SHOULD think, you gotta figure that out yourself and make something work for you

It’s all about getting perspective, and managing your thoughts/decisions/energy

Do that along with having purpose daily and over the long term you will IMPROVE and feel better about yourself



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