How to maintain/get results during party season

This is a tough one

We all want to make progress

Feel better and know we are going in the correct direction

But as we near the party season

That isn’t always realistic 

(Unless you intend to not change too much)

More food

More drink

More social stuff on

AND that’s good

That’s what we want to feel good FOR at the end of the day

So, we can enjoy what we enjoy

But in terms of maintaining and making sure we don’t do too much damage

A great way of approaching days/weeks during this period

Is knowing your Upper/Lower Limits

What does a ‘good’ day look like?

What is my bare minimum I know I can get in worst case almost?

I made a video which goes through this more in depth here

My advice?

Be proactive

Do things when you CAN do them and feel up to it – long walks, workouts, better days food wise and no booze if you don’t REALLY need it

Do what you can do

Enjoy the time

And just DON’T STOP and do nothing 

You may tell yourself you will pick it up again as soon as it hits 2023


1) It will be way harder; you’re giving yourself more work than you need to, and you will feel better for it

2) You probably won’t be able to pick it up again in 2023

…and that may sound harsh

But I have been doing this over 10 years now and it’s not easy to stop/start

And we will look for the kids to get back to school first

Then wait until February

Then after half term


The list goes on

The best time to do something is now and keep things moving

EVEN IF you’re only getting 1% better every day

It’s still better

The key word is MOMENTUM and NOT breaking the chain 

Here’s the video 

Let me know if you have any questions



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