“I joined DM Elite back in November 2021.

Initially I signed up with the 28 day challenge and was completely hooked.

Coming back into a gym environment was a massive step for me both physically and mentally.

I lost the use of my legs in April 2021. I was completely paralysed from the waist down, reliant on a wheelchair and the help of my mum to do pretty much anything.

As a mother of two, ex dancer who is usually found up the mountains with skis on her back this was so hard to come to terms with mentally, not to mention the muscle wastage associated with it.


I had only been walking for a couple of months at the time of sign up. So I was incredibly nervous, not just because of the muscle wastage. But, I think for any girl, it’s unbelievably nerve-wracking turning up to a new gym. You never know what the clientelle and trainers are actually going to be like.


When I first came into the gym for a chat, Dan put me completely at ease with a brief chat about the gym, his family and ethos. He ran through a few basic techniques to see how the legs were working and we came up with a plan.

When we stepped upstairs Lisa was on hand for a chat (and was so lovely) and some of the members from a previous session were sitting having a cuppa – right up my street ?.

I tentatively  agreed to the 28 day challenge, thinking “if I can’t do it, it’s only 28 days and at least I will have tried”.


The first few classes – well, anyone who met me on those first few days would have seen a shaking nervous mess. Safe to say i was petrified. But, Lisa and the trainers were all so friendly, after a wee chat all nerves had completely gone out the window.

The exercises were altered to my capability (which wasn’t much) and I fell in love with exercising again.


Every session regardless how tough, I come out completely buzzing.

There has been lots of sweat, a few swears (sorry trainers) and almost tears – but I am so happy once we are finished.

To compare how I was, to how I am now I can’t quite believe it!

We are now doing a reboot programme, focusing on nutrition, mindset and actually achieving our goals.

My legs are becoming stronger, I can now play with my children (and squat them ?), can get back up the mountains, hike and ski.

Most importantly I am eventually comfortable within myself again and feel like I have got my ‘spark’ back.

I honestly can’t recommend DM Elite Training highly enough to do the team justice. Each and every one of them are incredible.”

This is a great review from Rachel who joined us back in November

She had lots of obstacles with regards to getting started and decided to just go for it.

It wasn’t easy for her to begin with and she was very nervous but if you fast forward a couple of months

The difference is night and day

We are well accustomed and pretty adept at working around injuries/obstacles

if you want to do it…you will do it

We trained Robin for 4 weeks pre-needing 2 new knees, he got started…had surgery pre Xmas and is now back with us.

Sometimes it’s more important to focus on what you CAN do rather than what we CANNOT :-


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