Each week = 168 hours

Sleep = 56 hours

Work = 40 hours

Cooking & eating = 10 hours

Getting ready & travel = 10 hours

*all averages


How you ‘choose’ to spend the other 52 hours depends on your priorities.


“I don’t have time to prepare my meal plan for the week”

“I’m at my desk all day”

“With the kids I can’t do XYZ”

“I can’t workout because of this”

“I work 9 millions hours a week”

“The weather is rubbish”

“It’s this or that…”


You get where I’m going with this… we’ve all been guilty of making excuses not to do something.


I get it, life is pretty hard and especially over the past few months/ year. But no one is going to do this for you.


Do you know what the best part of the job for us as coaches is?


It’s making people value themselves.


Making a busy mum or dad actually put themselves first for once in their life.


Seeing people get the confidence to consider, they are worth the identity they envision for themselves.


So yeah you do have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé.


But at least she is smart enough to put her time and effort where she needs it the most and outsource the rest.


That’s why you have us, you get 45 minutes in your day where you don’t need to think about anything. Turn up to a session and we’ll take care of the thinking for you ?

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