“I used to avoid Gyms at All Costs”

Stanley joined us a couple of months back

Having moved here from London and being super keen on fitness with a variety of sports

He thought he would try the Gym

Only thing being, he hates Gyms

Here’s his testimony:

“Dan’s Gym…..

Just to put it out there, I rarely do reviews nor am I a gym person, don’t really like gyms and have avoided them most of my life at all costs! Preferring to do sports in a group setting for my fitness.

The first thing I did was check out Dan’s website where I came across a video of him talking about the gym he had created, which is an environment for those like myself who do not like gyms!

This caught my attention straight away and I booked myself in for a session. On my arrival one of the first things I noticed was there were no mirrors on the walls! This was refreshing as it sets the tone for focus and removes the “all about me and how I look” syndrome, no flexing here! the instructors were welcoming and friendly. Another thing that struck me was the open plan lay out, simple, effective and does what it says on the can! Moreover, I was impressed with how clean it was, being slightly prudish towards grime and dust, it was a relief to find it so clean, especially the showers and changing room.

Above anything else, the sessions involved folks from all walks of life, all with different levels of fitness, all going at our own pace, sometimes gently encouraging each other verbally, or just a nod of acknowledgment, we were in this together. After getting my sweat on, I left Dan’s place feeling a sense of being a part of a community he had somehow mange to create by opening a gym.

The word ‘Gym’ almost doesn’t do it justice, it feels more like a “Community Hub” with gym equipment in it! … “Dan’s  Hub”…”

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