I was definitely out of my comfort zone ?

So last week I had my first big speaking gig in front of my ‘peers’


I was asked to speak at the FMA Mastermind at the Tottenham Stadium – I literally don’t think it could have been a cooler venue the place is a must visit.


So basically I was asked to talk about the success of DM Elite and how we have got the gym to where it’s at now. There were 250 Gym Owners from all over – UK, Ireland and random places around Europe there and as the owner of FMA said…very few get to the levels we are at


(They saw for themselves when they came to visit a couple of months back)


Which I am super proud of


To be honest I was excited more than I was nervous, but there was a tinge of nervous when I stepped up on stage and saw the amount of people. It was outwith my comfort zone


But realise this


NOTHING that REALLY moves you forward and takes your life to the next level happens in your comfort zone.


I would go as far too say if you’re too comfortable for too long, it’s a dangerous place to be.


The Confidence yesterday gave me gives me the belief to go and do it more and more now and that wouldn’t have happened without a bit of fear and saying yes to something I didn’t really have a clue how it would go or how I would react.


This could be the same for you.


A new chapter In life


A new job or business


Stepping into DM Elite for the first time


New relationship


Taking your physical results to a new level


Growing your business


Having that crucial conversation


…all of which you know you would like (and kinda need) to do


But you know is going to take some internal work and a push you aren’t always willing to give yourself.


Obviously we can help with that at the Gym if you know you want to get out of pain, and towards pleasure.


Get fitter so that you can do more stuff. So you can enjoy life more and have more energy/confidence.


If you want to come and try the gym out and make that step reply to this email and I will get you sorted ?


I will ALSO be covering this at my Mindset X Seminar coming up soon.

Date/venue will be confirmed soon.

To come along and listen on me talking all things habit change, mindset, goal setting, ‘motivation’ and more.

Hit the link below and I’ll let you know as soon as we know more/confirm a seat for you.



Dan ?


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