Ideal Gym/Fitness Template For Everyday Athletes

I walked into the Nike Store in Buchanan St, Glasgow last week

The quote at the top of the elevator was the following:

If you have a body, you are an athlete” Bill Bowerman (co-founder of Nike)

And it’s so true.

Whether you are a professional footballer, someone that works in an office Mon-Fri or retired with a few grandkids

Your body/health and how you look after it CAN determine how good you feel and how you choose to live your life

If you train with a view to bettering yourself

You are an athlete

& There are a huge list of things you can do to get started and/or improve fitness

…And there’s no right or wrong answer here as you have to enjoy the process

But I often get asked

What is ‘ideal’

If I were to look at my week

and create a blend that covers all bases and ensures I’m becoming a rounded every day athlete

So I created this video below where I go into more detail

On different exercises modalities and more

If you’d like to watch

Click here


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