“I’ll Start Next Year”


A very common phrase I hear (I even called my book “I’ll Start Next Monday“)


I’ll let you in on a “Fitness Industry Secret”


The vast majority of people who say they will start next year don’t.


Most will put it off and will say the same thing in December 2023. I don’t want you to be in that position this time next year.


This is why I’ve got an opportunity for you to not fall into that category.


If you commit to our 6 week New Year Challenge starting in January, you will also gain access to our 6 Week Nutrition Reboot for Free. So on top of the fitness help, we will make sure you’re following through and get that help AWAY from the Gym.


Even if you don’t want to do the Reboot and just want to get going with your fitness, this will commit you to actually doing something good for yourself in the New Year.


Enjoy Xmas and what it’s all about KNOWING you’ve got something structured to focus on come January.


You can make some healthy choices while still enjoying yourself.


If you want to commit to feeling fitter, looking better and having a better lifestyle next year now then…


Reply to this email with the words: Start Now


And I’ll send over the info to you.


Speak soon



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