Imposter Syndrome…and How to beat it!

Imposter syndrome is real

Feeling like you don’t belong

This isn’t how you should feel

like you almost don’t deserve to feel good and if you do you self-sabotage

(how craazy does that sound? ^)

I feel it daily so first things first

IF you do feel that way sometimes

Know that most people will encounter it

Then you have a choice

back off and revert back to safety which ultimately you know deep down

won’t make you as happy as you would feel going after what you want

…or just test yourself and always aim to get 1% better

I’ve had loads of moments really when I have questioned myself

On the book

How the gym is going

My new online mindset program

the speaking stuff I have done recently

And I feel like a bit of an imposter most days if I’m being honest

But I would rather that than staying still and expecting change to happen with zero action or thought behind it

The key is knowing how to work around it and this is the sort of stuff I coach on Improve90


Realise that a lot of people feel the same way so talk about it.

Knowing other people are and have gone through imposter syndrome makes you feel better

& know that people who are or appear to be confident will have gone through this also.

Confidence is earned.


Track wins

We have people logging 3 wins a day and 5 big wins for the week.

3 wins a day for a year

…yep that’s a lot of wins.

Imagine you were in the habit of doing that ^ over watching the news and feeling like you are going in circles and not getting anywhere

Most people crush their own self esteem and confidence because they do not have a system to ‘win’

the system is set up to be busy and go round in circles

They ‘hope’ things turn out good and if they don’t

ah well…so be it


Track wins

Wins build confidence.

Confidence builds courage.


Lean into it

Every time you feel resistence

Lean in a little more

It’s just a test

The more you lean in rather than back off

The more you learn about yourself and come out of each obstacle/negative self talk episode way stronger for it

Same goes for stress

see ‘good stress’  as a positive

Both are pre requisites for growth across any area – personal development, career, health, relationships…



Like I said above

Competence + Courage  = confidence

You could probably add Clarity, Capability to the ‘C’ bandwagon there but anyhoo

Do things that are hard(er) every day – workout, make that call, strike up that conversation, cook food, put yourself out there

Get uncomfortable now to realise a new level of comfort in the future

Stay comfortable now and always look for easy, short term decisions

= you pay for it longer term

Again like #3 you could use this principle across all areas of life


I don’t want to exercise most days (like most people)

But I simply have to

Embrace friction, the uncomfortable and hard stuff at least once per day and see where it takes you 🙂


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